JeyDi is our daddy. He is very friendly and sweet. He is a seal bicolor .

We are a hobby Ragdoll cat breeder. We have kittens for sale 2=-3 times a year. .

Our Cats

Lightfoot Ragdolls

Nutmeg's daddy is Tigger

Willow- Chocolate colorpoint                                              Jossa- blue mitted mink

We sold Jossa to Wasatch Ragdolls and Willow to Remarkable Ragdolls. You can go to their websites to check for kittens from those two beautiful ragdolls!

Nutmeg is our only mama. She is expecting in August. She is a beautiful red mackerel, TICA registered Ragdoll!

Slide show of our cats and kittens

JeyDi's parents- Patti and Dusty