‚ÄčAvailable retired breeder - Shavi, 4 1/2 year old female $400. She will thrive as an only pet.


Murphy, son of Shavi                    Sorrel, daughter of Jossa

(owned by Edward)                       (owned by Debra)


No kittens currently. Nutmeg is due in August 2017. 


Mr Butters, son of Kit and JeyDi                                               Sherman, son of Mallory and JeyDi

(owned by Sue)                                     (owned by Kaci)                          (owned by Joahnna)   

Cappy, son of Kit and JeyDi                      Woody, son of Kit and JeyDi             Stardust, daughter of Kit and JeyDi Belongs to Carol                (Belongs to Stephanie)                    (Belongs to Jenna)

 Delilah, son of Shavi & JeyDi,                Harley, son of Mallory and JeyDi                   Kyani, daughter of Shavi & JeyDi
(owned by Jen)                                               (owned by by Sue)                                              (owned by Katy)

Kittens we sold - all grown up!
Thank you to our owners for sharing these pictures with us! It's fun to see what they look like when their colors  fill in!

*~* NURSERY*~*

TICA registered kittens are $600

Reserve with $100 non-refundable deposit
with breeding rights add $900 ($200 deposit)


Splash, daughter of Shavi and JeyDi           Maisie, daughter of Kit and JeyDi               Varen, son of Kit and JeyDi

(owned by Christy)                                      (owned by Linda)                                    (owned by Colleen)

Anne, daughter of Topaz & JeyDi     Moki, son of Kit and JeyDi                  Finn

(owned by Phil)                               (owned by Annie)                               (owned by Mindy)

 Daughter of Kit and JeyDi              Tigger, son of Shavi and JeyDi                        Louis, son of Kit and JeyDi  (owned by Shawnna)                       Owned by Satu, Cupcake Kitty Ragdolls              (owned by Molly)    

"Our kitty Finn is gorgeous, quite big, and has a hilarious personality.   He is such a character and is the favorite cat of my life."  - Mindy.

Glimpses of Our Previous litters

Lightfoot Ragdolls



Adoption Information

*Kittens are available to go to their forever homes between 10-14 weeks

* They will have their first set of shots and a vet check (two sets of shots for TICA registered kittens)
*The cost for kittens purchased with Breeding Rights is $1700

TICA registrations papers for pets will be sent once proof of spay/neuter has been sent to us

* Shipping available in the US. Buyer pays all shipping/vet certificate and crate costs. We ship from Salt Lake City, UT
*We offer a one year health guarantee for any genetic issues or severe health issues.

Our cats have been tested and are clear of HCM. For more info: http://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/cat/HCM.php

Ragdolls are INSIDE cats!

Please do not declaw your cat! http://www.peta.org/living/companion-animals/8-reasons-never-declaw-cats/