Truffles' kittens
Born 26March 2022

So, Truffles had her kittens last night. 2 of them have cleft lips, a boy and a girl. We had a trip to the vet today and she says it looks like the hard palates are fine. If that weren't the case, they would likely need to be euthanized. They are unable to latch to nurse, so we are syringe feeding, hoping to avoid tube feeding. We have one boy that seems fine. He's growing really well.


Cleft lips/palates can be possibly caused by external things like cleaners and toxins. Potentially more potent at different times in a pregnancy. Most often it's genetic. We will look into that to hopefully avoid any future litters being affected by this.

But, as it stands, we have 2 sweet littles that are working hard to survive. The girl is struggling more than the boy. There's potential of death due to aspiration pneumonia, poor nutrition and bacterial infections til....???? If they survive. Then around 3-4 months, hopefully they will qualify for surgery to repair the clefts. They both have double clefts.


For more information on this condition, you can go to

We are praying for the best outcomes for these kittens and would appreciate any good thoughts or prayers on their behalf.

It's amazing on this breeding journey over the last 12 years how many things we haven't dealt with that happen. This is a new one for us!  The girl passed the day after she was born. The boy made it few days after that.

Boy - Cream Puff- chocolate lynx colorpoint - Available

Cream Puff has a neuter appointment on June 14th. He will be ready to go home on the 18th. He will have 2 vaccines done, a vet check, and lots of love to go with him. See Adoption Page for more info on adoption