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What to Have Ready for Your New Kitten

To make your transition easier, we have suggested a list of things to have ready for your kitten. I purchase a lot of these on Amazon. Purchase what you feel you will need for your little one.


*LIFE'S ABUNDANCE FOOD. This food can continue to be fed to your cat when it’s no longer a kitten. They will be eating the orange bag, All Stages. As stated on the contract, you will need to have a bag delivered to your home before you pick up your kitten, and if you continue to use it (I get notifications each time you order), your health guarantee is extended to 4 years. They have treats and canned, if you like.

Treats: We like to use freeze dried chicken or turkey (Chewy). We Also like Vital Cat Freeze Dried Chiciken Mini Nibs (Amazon) 


*We use Tidy Cats unscented, Scoop Away (cheapest at Costco), or World's Best


*Your kitten has been using one of these litterboxes, or all 3.


Litter mat to catch litter 



*Have a cat tree. They are used to ones up to 40”,  but will soon be climbing a 72” tree without a problem. Do not get one with carpet, but only the plush or just plain wood. Kittens have gotten claws caught on carpet and in one case with a friend, broke their leg. No specific cat tree. Be sure it has rope to scratch. I’ve found the ones with plush on the verticals wears out quickly.



*Lots of toys! Our kittens seem to enjoy large pompoms, play mice, plastic springs, kickers, hide and seek, laser pen, cardboard scratchers, etc. Cats tend to get into more trouble when they are bored. I get them from, and


*Brush your kitten often! Start young and they will usually enjoy it. Start trimming nails young and they will tolerate it better. We try to have nails cut here a couple times before they go home.

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