Available Kittens

Abbi is being bred this week, Feb 13-15. We will know around the first week of March if she is pregnant. She will be due around April 20th if she is. We will accept deposits as soon as they are born. Abbi  is our wild-card mama. We can get seal, chocolate, flame, lynx, bicolor, mitted, colorpoint, traditional and mink. If we get a chocolate boy, we may keep him to replace Leo when he retires. 

We also had an oopsie breeding when Skye was in heat and Leo got his diaper off while nobody was looking. She is about a week ahead of Abbi, so the end of February we will know if she got pregnant or not. Her kittens will be due April 15 if she is. We would expect blue or cinnamon kittens from her. 

Planned Breedings

We will breed Skye late spring/summer of 2021 if she didn't get pregnant with her oopsie breeding, and Truffles in the late summer/fall 2021.

Our most recently homed litter

from Abbi and Leo

Located in Utah


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