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Adoption Information

Kitten application - If you are interested in adopting a kitten or cat, please fill out this form and send to before filling out the deposit contract or sending a deposit. Application

Our kittens are raised uncaged in our home with lots of interaction with adults and children.

We allow visits after their first vaccination, but not on the same day you visit another cattery or home where there are other cats. 

The cost of a kitten is $1800 Plus $130.50 Utah sales tax (unless shipping out of state).  That includes 2 sets of vaccinations, vet visit and spay/neuter.  


Shipping extra, if needed, through a courier service- usually around $450-650.  

Our breeders have been tested and are fully negative for HCM, FeLV, FIV, PKD and MPSVI. Records available upon request.

We have a no-declaw policy and expect our kittens to be indoor cats in your home.


Please do not vaccinate your cat for Feline Leukemia. That is rare in Ragdolls and can cause health issues. 


They will be spayed or neutered before you get your kitten. If flying, must wait 10 days after spay/neuter. If the kitten is not ready for spay/neuter by 16 weeks for any reason, you will have to wait, unfortunately.


Our kittens can go home at 12-16 weeks, with 2 rounds of vaccinations. The time for homing needs to be flexible, depending on the needs of a particular kitten.


$100 non-refundable initial deposit with Deposit contract. An additional $300 deposit is made at 8 weeks and sign final contract. If you change your mind, you can put the deposit towards another kitten (from same litter if one is available, or next litter) . Initial Deposit Contract download here. Contact us if you wish to read through the final contract before signing. 

Kittens have a 1 year health guarantee for genetic or congenital diseases. 


     If you continue to feed your cat Life's Abundance on Autoship at least every 8 weeks, the guarantee extends       to 4 years. You must purchase one bag of Life's Abundance and have it delivered before picking up your

     kitten. If you choose to change foods, this gives you enough food to transition to another food. Life's 

     Abundance is a high quality food and it is recommended to continue feeding it to your cat.


Love your cat? Feed Life's Abundance!

What to Have Ready for Your New Kitten


Planned Breedings

Honey, any time. London late Spring 2024

Skye and Merida mid 2024, Ember late 2024

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